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NGOCC Ms Engwase Mwale delivering her speech.

NGOCC Ms Engwase Mwale delivering her speech.

Ms Engwase Mwale receiving the Michael Chilufya Sata Social Advocate Award.

Ms Engwase Mwale receiving the Michael Chilufya Sata Social Advocate Award.

Congratulations to NGOCC Executive Director Ms. Engwase Mwale for being awarded with the prestigious Michael Chilufya Sata Social Advocate Award in recognition of her contribution towards the advancement of public service excellence.

In her speech after receiving the award at Taj Pamodzi Hotel, Ms Mwale thanked the organizers, Zambia Society for Public Administration (ZSPA), her family and the Women’s Movement for their support towards her achievement.

“Thank you ZSPA for this prestigious award. A recognition of contribution of public service excellence which I humbly accept. As I do so, allow me to heartily appreciate the support and understanding of a dear husband of 25-years- Alex Mwale our two daughters Christine and Sandra, mum and dad and a circle of close friends who believe in me and value my contribution.”

Ms. Mwale further said the award “epitomises three characteristics (Determination, Resilience and Patience) of the life of the late President Michael Chilufya Sata.”

She pledged to continue with her contribution towards public service. “I herewith commit with these very tenets in addition to commitment, hard work and loyalty, in my continued journey to contribute to public service.

Dedicating the award to the women’s movement,Ms Mwale, said that she “recognizes the lasting impact the women’s movement has had on her service path. “I would be failing in my conviction if I do not recognize the lasting impact that the women’s movement on this, my service path. Allow me to proudly dedicate this award to the vibrant women, the unsung ‘heroins’ who made it their commitment to walk with me on this journey. They have held my hand and ignited the passion with which i have contributed to public service.”

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