Membership Development Support (MDS)

The Membership Development Support (MDS) is made of two units namely the Capacity Building and Networking Unit and the Grant Management Unit. The Capacity Building and Networking Programme is the “Back Bone “of NGOCC. Its major focus is the decentralisation or devaluation of NGOCC core activities to the provincial and district levels. The Unit also carries out relevant capacity building of member organisations to effectively implement gender and development programmes for women’s empowerment. Additionally the unit also over sees NGOCC’s provincial operations.

The Grant Management Unit runs the NGOCC Basket Fund (BF) which was established in 2003.

 The fund is meant to help in uplifting the living standards of women both in urban and rural areas. The BF operates as a semi autonomous unit under an independent and impartial Grant Management Committee (GMC) while the NGOCC Board plays a supervisory role.

The major focus of the BF is to disburse funds on basis of viable and sustainable project proposals to fully paid up member organisations with a focus on women’s empowerment programmes, taking into account that gender and HIV/AIDS are cross cutting issues. NGOCC

is proud to be associated with the vulnerable in society by way of giving a contribution to the various developmental projects that our member organisations are currently involved with.