Social and Economic Development Programme (SEDP)

Under this programme, NGOCC will undertake the following:

  • Develop and spearhead a campaign on land ownership by women as a productive resource for economic means.
  • Advocate for the promotion of social accountability mechanisms on land ownership by women and will build alliances with MOs, other civil society organisations, traditional leadership as well partner with other relevant stakeholders.
  • Facilitate linkages and referral systems for women and girls to access finance/credit services such as community saving models, extension services, cooperatives and other associations.
  • Develop mentorship programmes and conduct advocacy campaign for the promotion of more women representation in decision making positions in politics and public institutions.
  • Promote functional literacy programmes for women and girls to enhance capacities of and opportunities for women’s leadership.
  • Engage political parties and policy makers on gender mainstreaming and implementation of policies and legal framework on gender equity and equality
  • Lobby and advocate for increased women and girls’ access to comprehensive and age appropriate sexual reproductive health and rights information and education about family planning and contraception, implications of child marriage and gender based violence on women and girls, as well as research and analysis on the emerging trends to improving women and girls’ sexual reproductive health and rights.
  • Provide grants to MOs to support girls withdrawn from child marriages, engage schools in the provision of SRHR information and services, and implement community sensitisation activities on women’s leadership.

In all the above interventions, NGOCC will galvanize public engagement on socio-economic opportunities through national and community level policy forums while investing in policy analysis and research for evidence based advocacy aimed at achieving equity and equality in socio-economic development. NGOCC will also strategically work with the media for gender sensitive and responsive reporting to ensure public dissemination and visibility of its work on gender and development. This programme anchors the three pillars in the strategic plan on Women’s Economic Empowerment, Governance and Women’s Leadership and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.