Non-governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC)


The Non-governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) is an umbrella network organization active in coordinating and strengthening Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Faith Based Organisations (FBOs) and Community Based Organisations (CBOs) working to uplift the standards of women and children in Zambia. Established in 1985, NGOCC has been active in addressing gender and development for the empowerment of women in Zambia. Amid the various challenges and for a more focused approach towards equality, NGOCC does recognize the importance of women’s role in social, cultural, political and economic development of the nation and is therefore, determined to uphold women’s human rights and ensure their empowerment. Over the years, NGOCC as grown from just being a coordinating body to a focal point of women’s issues in Zambia and a voice for the women’s movement. The current membership stands at 103 organisations spread across the 10 Provinces with a presence in 62 districts of Zambia.


“A society where women are empowered and fully participate in social, cultural, economic and political development”


“A vibrant well-positioned coordinating body of member organisations promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment in Zambia”


“To promote women’s empowerment for gender equity and equality through coordinated advocacy, capacity development of member organisations and linkages with government, local and international partners”


Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Attained in Zambia



Equity, Equality, Activism, Volunteerism, Integrity, Professionalism, Commitment, Transparency and Accountability and Being a learning Organisation