Becoming a Member

The criteria for membership is as follows:
• Organizational objectives should be in line with NGOCC’s vision and objectives
• Should be a Zambian Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Community Based Organisation (CBO) or Faith Based Organisation (FBO).
• Should be in existence for at least three years and be seen to be active.
• Should have at least 100 members (if an NGO) and 50 members (if a CBO or FBO) and have a recognised constituency.
• Should be registered under the laws of Zambia.
• Associate members could be both national and international organisations.

Organisations applying for membership should submit the following:

  • Constitution
  • Plan of action
  • Latest Annual report
  • Structure of Organisation
  • List of members and branches including office bearers (clearly stating the numbers)
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Recommendation Letters from two organisations that have been members of NGOCC for at least five years and in good standing with NGOCC
  • Pay a prescribed non-refundable application processing fee.


Benefits to members

  • Linkages to funders and supporting organisations.
  • Organisational capacity building
  • Information sharing
  • Organisational exposure
  • Networking among members and other stakeholders
  • Solidarity due to sharing of a common vision
  • Representation of NGOCC at local and international meetings as well as to statutory bodies
  • Access to the NGOCC Basket Fund
  • Representation on NGOCC Board
  • Participation in decision making of NGOCC at the General Assembly (highest decision making body)