Climate Change Mitigation and Resilience

In recognising women as the primary household energy managers and as key actors in the transition to sustainable energy and food system, this programme works to influence gender responsiveness in adaptation mechanisms through the use of alternative and modern sources of energy. The programme also facilitates for the identification and establishment of linkages and build partnerships within the broad-based supply chain on energy saving cooking technologies especially through mobilizing and building capacities of its member organisations as critical actors in raising awareness and advocating for policy reform on climate change mitigation and building resilience.  Engage in continuous policy analysis and research from a gender perspective on climate smart policies and legal framework. Through the CCMR, NGOCC also endeavors to develop and spearhead campaigns and advocacy on land ownership by women as a productive resource for economic means through engagements with other relevant stakeholders. Furthermore, the programme works to provide platforms for engagement for women and girls to access finance/credit services and functional literacy programmes.