Institutional Governance and Management Unit (IGMU)

This programme is be responsible for the day to day running of management and operational aspects of secretariat. IGMU has been designated with the central functionality within the policy and operational structures of NGOCC to facilitate the smooth implementation of all NGOCC programmes and interventions to ensure the strategic goal and its long-term outcomes as outlined in the Strategic Plan 20181-2022 are achieved. The programme will be responsible for

  • developing, reviewing and implementing relevant organizational policies for effective governance and management of secretariat
  • facilitating for board and staff performance management and skills enhancement
  • implementing the organizational resource mobilization strategy in order to increase financial resources to support the work of NGOCC
  • undertaking the membership restructuring exercise and clustering of all MOs according to the strategic plan pillars
  • facilitating membership institutional capacity building, policy forums and consultative processes for consensus building and resolutions on collection policy action
  • establishing relevant linkages with government and other strategic allies to influence processes from a gender perspective